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Sport Fishing in Manuel Antonio and Quepos Costa Rica is a small region of the Pacific coast, which offers one of the most exotic places in the world fisheries. In fact, it is one of the most popular sport fishing places in the world. Quepos and Manuel Antonio near the town are among the most visited sport fishing in Costa Rica places.

These places are mostly known for being the best places for the peaceful liberation of sailfish. Treat adventure to enjoy the sea, many species of marine life, and the best fishing of tropical water year round. BlackMarlingFishingQuepos

Many fishing companies are located in the charming seaside town of Manuel Antonio and Quepos. These companies offer different types of fishing packages including fishing and inshore fishing. You can charter boats for half day, quarter and three days with multi-day trips. Game fish that are available in this region are Marlin, Snapper (mahi mahi), wahoo, sailfish, jacks, rooster, sea bass, tuna, Dorado, and much more. Fishing in Manuel Antonio and Quepos can be divided into two parts – the fishing and coastal. Fishing is usually done between 20 and 40 km in the deep blue sea. Coastal fishing is in the bay, where the water is shallow. Normal depth of these spots tends to be between 1 and 21 feet.

Deep Sea Fishing: Sailfish: The maximum catch of these fish is from January to July, but are available throughout the year. They are not as powerful or more like Marlin, but are available and easy to find.QueposCostaRicaDorado They are the fastest fish in the sea and are ideal for those looking to fly fish in Costa Rica. During high season, it is very common for a boat to get from 10 to 20 sailfish in one day. The number was reduced to 3-8 per day during the off season.


Blue Marlin: Marlins These fish are the most common varieties that cross water throughout the year. The high season for Marlins consists of three months – October, November and December. His speed and aggressiveness a great fight for any angler have. Quepos is one of the best fishing Marlins. The best places to find the shelves are natural and bumps that form on the bottom of the  ocean.


Kingfish: These fish can not jump like Barracuda, but they have enormous strength. They are considered trophy fish and fishermen like to catch them. Depending on the location, which are available in gold and purple.

Dorado / Dolphin / Mahi Mahi: Available in this green and blue game gold fish found in warm waters. November, December and January are the months when their presence is plentiful, but June and July are the best time to have a chance at the biggest Dorado.

Tuna: Yellowfin tuna are the most common tuna available on the Pacific coast species. Although they are available year-round, high season runs from June to September. Large tunas are not available, but large schools of small tuna are also not uncommon. Rainbow Runner: This excellent fish for human consumption is a family member of jacks, but is thinner than other cats watching.

Inshore fishing Costa Rica:

Wahoo: These fish sail in the water with their bodies out of breath. They are not available and a little difficult to catch because of his speed of 40 mph. They are considered trophy fish because of their rarity. Anglers must use steel leaders because they have sharp teeth Barracuda. Anglers usually catch Wahoo while seeking other ocean species. They can be anywhere, but are concentrated near the Pacific coast during the summer.

Barracuda. These aggressive fish are known as the “Tiger of the Sea” are found in places where schools of small fish are available leaping out of the water, they often give fishermen an air show in coastal waters ..

Roosterfish: This light fight against sport fishing is available all year. These monstrous fish are incredibly strong and almost double bar fisherman with brutal power. They are attracted to baits such as blue runners or live mullet.

Red Snapper: One of the most expensive fish that is of great value for anglers and fishermen. They are easy to approach and tend to be from 3 to 50 pounds. Sometimes 50 + books can also be found and seized.

Snook: These fish are available near the mouths of rivers, in the waves, and nearby mangroves. Found in both fresh and salt water and can compete with Snapper and Dorado with its flavor. The heavy rainy season from July to November is the best time to catch them.