Adventure and Activities in Costa Rica

Costa Rica’s diverse landscape provides an array of settings appropriate for a myriad of activity options. Travelers of nearly every age, interest, and ability will be pleased to find that they have many activities available to them, now if you go fishing and are ready to cook your fishing then, you get in touch with Bruno at Your Private Chef, to get the best dishes ever. 

Paddlers can indulge in warmer whitewater rivers and hikers will marvel at the lushness of rainforest trails. Adrenaline junkies can bungee jump and canopy tours to their heart’s content. Beach bunnies can enjoy miles of surf with two coasts to choose from. Not to mention the countless mountain biking, horseback riding, boating, and fishing opportunities that also exist.


Our adventures

To sweat or not to sweat? That is the question. We don’t think that in order to call your trip an adventure, it has to be a death-defying feat or involve wielding a machete (unless you want it to of course). It doesn’t have to mean giving up comfortable beds and good food. We can’t lose sight of the fact that you’re on vacation.

Whether you’re looking to just take a walk on the wild side, or immerse yourself in it, traveling with us means that you have many options when it comes to the length, style, and adrenaline level of your visit. Among those options are trips designed specifically with particular needs in mind. For instance, we offer romantically inspired itineraries for honeymooners and couples, activity-rich trips put together for families, and even physically challenging, high adrenaline trips for those intrepid souls who can bear to leave civilization behind for days on end.

How to go about exploring Costa Rica is yet another option we offer our guests. You can choose from the trips you find here or you can opt to have us craft a custom, private itinerary exclusively designed to your exact specifications.

Regardless of the kind of adventure you decide to embark on, you’ll enjoy the benefits of exceptional service, exciting activities, and incredible scenery that combined, make for an experience that can only be described as above and beyond. Best of all, we’ll guarantee that you’ll never sweat the details.

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White Water Rafting

Surf Lessons and Trips

Costa Rica is blessed with two coasts that hosts a variety of seaside activities and whose waters are teeming with marine life. Snorkelers and divers can swim with the dolphins or with the sharks and fishermen can try their hand at catching billfish nearly as large as they are. From the Northern Pacific to the Southern Caribbean, the coasts provide an idyllic setting from which to enjoy the riches of this country as well.

An easy and relaxing way to see the underwater world, great snorkeling spots can be found along the miles of beautiful sandy beaches, and rock outcroppings that line the shore of this beautiful country! Snorkelers are treated to colorful fish, turtles, and potential dolphin sitings.

Scuba Diving
The nutrient-rich waters off the coast of Costa Rica offer some of the most diverse abundance of sea life to be found anywhere! The conditions vary from day to day, and most of the diving is done on, and around, the outer islands along the coast.

Deep-Sea Fishing
Costa Rica is home to some of the best bill fishing areas in the world and many record fish have been taken from the abundant waters of the country. Lucky fishermen can catch marlin, sailfish, dorado, wahoo, tuna, and more!! There are dozens of sites up and down the Pacific Coast and a variety of fishing charters available.

Lake Fishing (also available Fly Fishing)
Costa Rica is famous for Rainbow Bass, or Guapote fishing, in the various lakes within the country. (Note: Also available, along the Caribbean coast is some of the best Tarpon and Snook fishing to be found anywhere!! (Fly fishing available too!!!)

Enjoy a variety of different options available to you, from actually renting your own boat, and heading out for a relaxing day of sailing, to fully guided multi-day trips down the entire Coast of Costa Rica. A great way to get away from it all.

Sea Kayaking
Paddle into the sunset with reckless abandon! Sea Kayaking is a thrilling way to discover marine life beyond the fringes of the shore. Explore pristine isolated areas on sturdy open kayaks. Keep your eyes peeled for everything from sea turtles, porpoises, rays, and even whales – the sea life is abundant in the waters surrounding both coasts!

The surf off of the Pacific and Caribbean coasts has become increasingly popular in recent years as some of the best surf in the world. From easy shore breaks for beginners to the longest lefts, with miles and miles of nonstop shoreline, you can find waves here at any time of the year! Learn about Surf by reading more Here

Choose from many different areas here in Costa Rica to go windsurfing, from mild sea breezes to the forcible winds of Lake Arenal.


The freedom of the open road calls. There are miles and miles of mountain roads, single track trails, and backcountry areas to ride to your heart’s content! Our itineraries feature both easy and challenging trail explorations accompanied by a support vehicle at all times. Custom trips can also be designed to include multi-day extended bike trips around the country.

Three of our favorite bike routes:

Irazu Volcano – Turrialba
This route starts around the moon-like surface of the Irazu volcano then descends towards the Turrialba Valley. There are several routes to choose from, from gently rolling hills along the high slopes of the volcano to steep single-track pathways that cut right through the virgin rainforest! All of the available trails offer some of the most spectacular panoramic views in Costa Rica as well as the opportunity to mix with local people and culture (we make many interesting stops along the way).

Tamarindo to Samara
Explore some of the country’s most beautiful beaches and discover remote tropical hideaways along the Nicoya Peninsula. Dazzling blue waters and broad flat shorelines provide a breathtaking backdrop to the day’s adventure.

Orosi Valley – Tapanti National Park
Bike through the Orosi Valley taking the scenic route along its a river and eventually to the Tapanti Wildlife Refuge. Montane rain forest and cloud forest reign in this area and chances to spot wildlife are abundant.

hiking & trekking

Strap on your pack, and head out into the wilderness! From coastal jungle trails to the 12,000-foot summit of Chirripo Mountain, Costa Rica is a backpackers heaven!! Hike along the rainforest-covered slopes of an active volcano, journey deep into the cloud forest enshrouded by mist, discover remote palm-lined beaches. Costa Rica’s hiking options are endless.

IAU trips feature all kinds of treks including light half-day hikes along established trails and multi-day rugged backpacking adventures into isolated areas.

Popular Hikes

Arenal Volcano
Hiking along the slopes of the volcano either inside the park (easier trails) or to Cerro Chato, Arenal’s neighboring volcano. Great for experiencing the volcano up close, with good possibilities of seeing wildlife.

Cahuita National Park
This park was originally created to protect the coral reefs that surround them are. Exploring the trails of this Caribbean reserve offer fantastic opportunities to see coastal wildlife and enjoy beautiful beaches.

Cabo Blanco Wildlife Reserve
The biological reserve at Cabo Blanco was among the first regions to be protected in Costa Rica. Hikes through the park will let you familiarize yourself with the dry tropical forest and its rare inhabitants.

Cerro de la Muerte – Cloud Forest Exploration
We’ll be accompanied by a resident naturalist guide on our hike. Unlike more frequented cloud forests around Costa Rica, this area still offers excellent opportunities to see a variety of rare wildlife species including the Resplendent Quetzal – considered to be one of the most beautiful birds of the Americas.

Talamanca Mountain Range
Parque de la Amistad is Costa Rica’s largest and most remote park –where each step of your trek is one towards discovery. This area along the Continental Divide offers a diverse mix of wildlife species and is the quintessential cloud forest experience.

Corcovado National Park
Explore the extended trail system of the Corcovado National Park, camping out at several different ranger stations along the way. This part of the country offers excellent opportunities to observe wildlife species such as tapirs, white-faced monkeys, wild pigs, scarlet macaws, toucans, coatis, and much more. One ranger station (Sirena) is a working research center for scientists and naturalists from all over the world!

Chirripo Volcano
These trails are for the avid adventurer looking to climb to the highest peak in Costa Rica! Your challenging days along the slopes of the volcano will let you bear witness to the changing climate and species of the Chirripo area.

horseback riding

Saddle up and mosey your way on over to one of Costa Rica’s famed bull runs. Or delve deep into the jungles letting your horse handle the muddy trail. Horses can be your ticket to getting in with the locals or discovering places that you wouldn’t normally visit otherwise. Giddy up!

Trail Rides

Arenal to Monteverde
This half-day ride will bring you through the Arenal valley and Monteverde countryside. You’ll ford a couple of rivers, pass farmland and ride through the rainforest. The cool temperatures and moist air of the Northern Zone comfort you with every trot of your horse.

Caribbean Coast
Horseback riding along miles of sandy beaches is always romantic. Caribbean palms and ocean breezes pass as quickly as the steed beneath you.

Turrialba Volcano Crater Exploration
Climb the steep path that leads through the misty jungle and cloud hugged peaks eventually reaching the Turrialba Volcano’s crater. As an added bonus, the ascent to the top is rewarding with panoramic views of both the Pacific and Caribbean oceans.