Bottom fishing Costa Rica

Bottom fishing Costa Rica has been known to lift some of the biggest number you can imagine. Let our experienced captains guide you through the beautiful Pacific coast in search of “honey holes” Tico. Costa Rica tours offer bottom fishing or we can offer a combination of bottom fisheries, including another round of fishing fish in the sea or fishing off. Fishing for Costa Rica background is mainly based on the tides and currents.

GofishIf the currents are strong, we will not be able to get the bait to the right depth without losing. If the currents are bottom fishing, it is not uncommon to pull in multiple grouper, snapper, snook and even bar. superior equipment and tackle will be provided and are included in Fishing Travel Jaco. use mainly squid bait squid, which seems to be a favorite among groundfish Costa Rica. We are also equipped with different types of lures and jigs to help accommodate any style of fishing or fish species. Here fishing expert Costa Rica, we can guarantee quality service and a professional crew.
Bajura Costa Rica

In scam shellfish go Jaco Los Suenos, Tamarindo, Papagayo, Playa del Coco and Flamingo in Guanacaste, Golfito and Puerto Jiménez, Dominical and Uvita, Quepos and Manuel Antonio.