Jaco Beach, Los Suenos Costa Rica Fishing Packages

Jaco Beach in the Central Pacific of Costa Rica is considered one of the best places in the world for sport fishing of all kinds. Travelers come from all over the world to fish at sea or at sea while enjoying the rare beauty of the region.

Costa Rica Fishing Packages

Los Sueños Resort is beachfront in Jaco Beach, is considered the main tourist center of Costa Rica, and is the destination of choice for those who came to enjoy the incredible fishing. If one of the reasons for his visit to Costa Rica Fishing Jaco, Los Suenos is definitely the place to be. Los Suenos is 1100 acres of unsurpassed beauty, surrounded by rainforest, pristine beaches, and abundant wildlife. With this natural beauty are the best services, activities, and facilities available everywhere. It is the Marriott Hotel, spa, and restaurants open to all hotel guests, a complex of shops and restaurants called Marina Village, an eco-championship, and a multitude of outdoor activities course.

Costa Rica Fishing PackagesFor those who love fishing, the main attraction is perhaps the marina of international renown. From the marina, you can charter a small yacht cabin cruiser 60 feet for the most memorable day of sport fishing you can imagine. In Costa Rica, Jaco fishing has marlin records, yellowfin tuna, sailfish, and rooster. All are numerous outside Jaco Beach. If you prefer to fish near the coast, snappers are your favorite and abundant fishing. All charter boats are run by experienced boat captains and know where to fish and how to achieve them are bilingual.

Everyone at your party is sure to have a great experience, whether fishing for the first or hundredth time. Sportfishing is a great way to get in the ocean, basking in the sunshine of Costa Rica, and spend time with friends.

When you came to fish in Costa Rica, Jaco Fishing is the ultimate experience, and our boats are part of the experience. With the latest technology, a team of experts, all the amenities and luxury services, Jaco Fleta meet every fisherman or fisherman’s dream. When you return from your day at sea, you can enjoy your wonderful fresh catch on your own holiday or choose to dine in one of the many restaurants on the property of Los Suenos Resort. Dance too, cocktails and beautiful music to help you enjoy a romantic evening alone or a gathering of friends.


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Whatever type you choose to spend your day on, every day here is full of possibilities. With an abundance of sporting activities, opportunities to see rare wildlife, and hiking in the rainforests of the sea or beautiful views, there is something here for everyone to enjoy. Every day in Dreams will create memories that will stay with you long after you return; memories of Costa Rica, Jaco fishing, and unmatched beauty will desire for your next vacation in Costa Rica.