Costa Rica Tarpon Fishing

chad-Fishing Fishing Parismina in central Costa Rica Caribbean, are some of the best action you can dream shad. A five-minute boat-term place you among the kings of money so be prepared rolling. Reaching Parismina you feel you are in a place that does not exist in this modern world. It is a place where you can really get in touch with nature. Friendly people, beautiful surroundings and great fishing are the ingredients of our recipe …

CostaRicaFishingmust try. We use 25 foot boats fully equipped with outboard motors all safety equipment, fishing guides and English speaking premium Tackle. They fish here are big and heavy, great fighters that give spectacular shows that will be the gift for your memories. Accommodation and meals are available in a friendly and comfortable hotel.
Tarpon Fishing Charters

Costa Rica Tarpon Fishing Packages include:

Six days, five nights, three days of fishing. From $ 1,495 per person (based on two anglers double occupancy). Package includes: All airport transfers from San José, go two nights (first and last) to Garden Court Hotel San Jose. Transfers to and from the Caribbean / San Jose, three nights lodging Caribbean includes all meals, beverages and three days of Tarpon fishing in the Caribbean Top with an experienced guide. Includes boat, guide and tackle.
Fishing Vacations in Costa Rica Tarpon


Costa Rica River Fishing:

An advantage of this place is that all the rivers and canals that surround the area. If you are tired of struggling with great shad or if you want a more relaxed action and enjoy the beautiful river environment are also an option. Beautiful and exotic fish such as rainbow bar in heaven, crappie and several varieties of bass will be top of your fishing experience. When conditions are good baby tarpon (15 – £ 40) and you will be all about the incredible action you can dream!